A VB clone of whack-a-mole was created as an office gag in late 2002. Later (2004) the program was expanded to include other employees where their images could be scraped off Google. The original program was named “Wak-a-Chuck”, then renamed to “Wack-EDC”. This version is a more modern browser based version. In the spirit of inconsistency, this version is named “Whack-a-Chuck”.


Reverse Geocode Tester

A Java program that utilizes the Google Maps API to perform reverse geocode street lookups on a known data set to estimate real-world usage examples. Input data is expected to be parking tickets (the location chosen by the (human) parking checker and the GPS lat/long of the smart phone used to print the ticket). What this program illustrates is that parking garages, enforcement zones/areas, surface lots used during enforcement do not always match up to street address depending on the organization of the Parking Agency.


MERP Critical Resolver

MERP Critical Resolver is an automated tool for table top game system Middle Earth Role Playing by ICE. In the traditional method, a dice roll is made and then the result compared to a lookup table. The result of this fist lookup is combined with a second dice roll and a second lookup table to get the final result of what occurred. Further complicating this, there are a number of different lookup tables used for both the first and second lookups, depending on the situation.

MCR was created in response to having to page through a book in order to determine results from dice rolls.

A GSheet to give an example of the first lookup: MERP Primary Lookup GSheet



TELMAGEN was a purpose built program for a specific table top game session. In this specific instance, a time lapsed map was needed to show people movement over the course of a 24 hour period. For example: consider a map of an army camp. At 10pm, everyone is asleep in their tents except for the sentries who are making rounds. At 5am, a group of scounts wake up and leave camp. At 7am a group of scouts returns (different people from the group that just left). At 10am some soldiers are performing drills. At 1pm a supply caravan arrives. etc.