LOC Visual Studio

Visual Studio 2010 and higher has this built in: Analyze > Calculate Code Metrics Visual Studio Plugin: http://www.wndtabs.com/ Powershell (counts non blanks): 123PS C:\> (dir -include *.cs,*.xaml -recurse | select-string …

Best xkcds

Exploits of a Mom Password Strength Wisdom of the Ancients Standards Permanence Extended Mind Ineffective Sorts Perl Problems

The Real Middle Earth

http://books.google.com/books?id=BXRTMwCKDAcC&lpg=PA89&ots=WLbbxfXA5y Some of this book is available free on google books, its an interesting read if you like history and middle earth. Lots of cool linguistic names and Anglo Saxon …

Middle Earth Coin Weights

1). Gather some data based on historic coins. Used to gather approximate weight and value of gold, silver, bronze, copper and tin coins around the year 1700: http://www.coins-of-the-uk.co.uk/coins.html#size Coin weights: 1 …

Cirth Font

Cirth font for Middle Earth runes.  As in the runes in Moria. http://www.acondia.com/fonts/cirth/index.html